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Facial Contouring Before And After on Woman's FaceCosmetic Services
October 23, 2021

Understanding Exactly How Accutite Treatments Work

A lot of people desire to have smooth skin. But who doesn’t? The presence of wrinkles, lines, or loose skin is all normal. However, there is still some satisfaction in…
Botox Treatment on Young WomanCosmetic Services
September 23, 2021

A Complete Guide to Botox and Fillers

Are you one of those in pursuit of the fountain of youth? Indeed, the search and desire for ageless beauty and immortality are eternal. The tale about the fountain of…
Cataract in EyeEye Care
August 18, 2021

Dos and Don’ts After Cataract Surgery

Vision is probably the most important of all the five senses. Why? You use it the moment you wake up in the morning. It also helps us see and appreciate…
Double VisionEye Care
July 28, 2021

Double Vision

The most common cause of double vision in people over the age of 50 is caused by Microvascular Cranial Nerve Palsy (MCNP) is when blood flow to certain nerves in…
Facetite by InmodeCosmetic Services
June 28, 2021

FaceTite: Better than a Facelift?

For natural-looking neck face enhancement at a fraction of the cost, with little-to-no downtime, FaceTite by InMode is a great option. We can almost all agree that a full, surgical…
Dr. Joseph Conducting Laser Cataract SurgeryEye Care
June 7, 2021

The Benefits of Laser Cataract Surgery

  At Joseph Eye & Laser Center, our aim is to provide a beautiful experience in which your concerns are met with compassion and understanding. We have an expert team…
Skin Tightening Services Equipment on Woman's BodyCosmetic Services
April 30, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Skin Tightening

If you are looking for a way to tighten up your skin, look no further. This blog post will help answer all of your questions about Skin Tightening & Contouring…
BodyTite Technology on Toned Woman's BodyCosmetic Services
November 11, 2020

Reduce your stubborn pockets of fat and firm loose skin with BodyTite technology

Do you feel like you have tried everything you can to achieve your trim and toned body “goal”- but you still can’t seem to motivate some areas to cooperate? Unfortunately,…
Retinal Detachment Services Ohio Eye CloseupEye Care
August 21, 2020

Flashes, Floaters, and Retinal Detachments

What are floaters? Floaters look like small specks, dots, circles, lines, or cobwebs in your field of vision. While they seem to be in front of your eye, they are…
Medical Fundus photo of retinal pathology, hemmorhages, vein occ Eye CloseupEye Care
July 2, 2020

Age Related Macular Degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a problem with your retina. It happens when a part of the retina called the macula is damaged. With AMD you lose your central vision. You cannot see…
iStent Procedure Eye TreatmentEye Care
July 2, 2020

Get Off Of Your Glaucoma Drops!

What is Glaucoma? Glaucoma is an eye disease that damages the optic nerve which carries images from the eye to the brain. If not detected or treated, glaucoma can lead to…
Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty Ohio Eye CloseupEye Care
July 1, 2020

“Be Aware” Is Your Eye Surgeon Offering the Latest Technology?

At Joseph Eye & Laser Center, we know patients undergoing cataract surgery today want a replacement lens that delivers the vision they need to live full, active lives without always being dependent…

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